Text corner

This script lets you add text to the bottom left corner of the game.

Get it here.

To use the script change the text that says “Put your text here” It is on line 89.



One thought on “Text corner

  1. Hi! I played some of your games on 1GAM, good stuff! I really like what you’re doing. I’ve been a composer/musician for 6 years and if you plan on making a game in December (or just in general) I would love to contribute top-quality, customized music to it! Please take a listen: http://www.soundcloud.com/lane-beckstrom
    I would love to work with you!
    For easier browsing:
    Electronic: soundcloud.com/lane-beckstrom/sets/
    Orchestral: soundcloud.com/lane-beckstrom/sets/

    I understand you may have little or no budget so I’m willing to work for extremely cheap or for free.

    Thank you,
    Lane Beckstrom

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